Church Updates – Summer 2020

UPDATE 7/8/2020: Our first parking lot service was held on July 5th. The Diaconate Committee has voted to continue outdoor worship services on Sundays at 9am through July. They will meet again on August 3 to continue discussing for the future.

We are very excited to see church members in person, and have done everything we can to keep everyone as safe as possible. Click here for a letter from our Pastors with more details about what to expect when you come for worship on Sunday.

The service will be recorded and posted here the following Monday.



March 2020:

Due to the current public health concerns, Grace Congregational United Church of Christ has suspended all in-house worship services, programming, rehearsals, and meetings.

Much of our “regular business” will be done differently in the days and weeks ahead.

What has not been changed or cancelled is our commitment to be a church that seeks to serve our members and this beloved community along the Lakeshore.

Our plan for the weeks ahead is to make video worship services to share with our members and friends. (click here to see the worship videos) We will be sending out emails and reaching out over the phone and handwritten notes to keep in touch with members and friends of the congregation. And we will continue to look for new ways to keep members of our community connected to one another.

As we develop these worship services, we will post them to our website. You can also sign up to receive the videos from us as they are released.

This is new ground for us. We are not above reproach. If you know of how we might better be the Body of Christ, please talk to Pastor Kim or Pastor Colie. If you know of someone who does not have email technology, give us some suggestions of how we might serve those individuals. And if you have discerned some ways of offering compassion to neighbors, share those stories with us so we can pass them on to others.